Becoming a Child Model

Becoming a Child Model

What do I need to know about children’s modeling?

At present, age only represents children from newborn to teens. It is an advantage if you live within easy reach of Miami Beach. Submitting your child for modeling work can be an interesting and lucrative pastime. However, it also requires a commitment from the parents to attend castings and drive to assignments.

Do I need a portfolio / professional pictures?

No, you can get started with a nice snapshot. The professional team at age will help you choose the best shot, which we will submit to our clients for possible castings and bookings.

What are rates of pay?

These vary, depending on each particular assignment. The team at age will advise you.

Does it cost any money to get my child involved in modeling?

No. Age only receives a commission of 20% on print jobs and 10% on television and film jobs once your child is paid for their work with each particular client.

What should I do if I want to be represented by age?

The only way to proceed is by emailing a recent photograph to:

The pictures should be natural without makeup. Please send one full-length shot and one portrait. We also need talents name, date of birth, height and contact information.

As you can imagine we can only represent a limited number of children. At age we believe in being realistic with parents about what they can expect from the industry. Unfortunately we are unable to contact every parent that submits photographs of their children. Therefore, if you fail to receive a call from a member of the age team, you can assume that at present, your child does not fit the agency's requirements. This is not to say that you may not be contacted in the future.